Thoughts On Dating Someone Who Makes Less Than You Do

The other day, my boyfie asked me how would I feel or think if I dated someone who makes less money than I do. It was a simple question yet surprisingly took more thoughts to answer. There’s a study saying that money and health are two things that affect out happiness only when we have less of them. As in, we are more psychologically affected when we have no money or unhealthy rather than when we have enough money and healthy. Having enough money and being healthy doesn’t affect us that much.

Personally, money doesn’t matter that much to me in relationships. I never found myself being turned on or attracted to someone just for the sake of how much they make. Honestly, I rarely know about how much my dates made.

I once dated someone who made less than I did for almost 2 years. I did pay almost for every expenses we had: outings, meals, drinks, movies, transportations, you name it. I often bought him clothes and presents too. But we also had a lot of fun, had a normal relationship, and money wasn’t the reason why we decided not to date again. I never regretted the fact that I dated someone who makes less money than I am.

But we can’t deny that money, beside other factors too, liberates us. We have more options when we have enough money to spend. And this affects out habits in relationships too. For instance, you wouldn’t go to $50 dinner when you make $500 a month (which is how much a fresh graduate would earn here), would you? You wouldn’t be able to buy her presents when you can’t barely save, right?
But still, for me, expensive dinners and presents are irrelevant.

Although, sometimes money has something to do with passion. Someone who pursues his passion but has less money is fine. But it’s a big turn off if someone has a lot of chances, potential and talent, but he doesn’t make enough just because he’s lazy and has no passion.

This might sound cliche, but while finding rich men is easy, finding someone who opens your eyes, horizon and gives you new perspectives in things and life, is difficult. It’s not easy to find someone who truly values your opinions. It’s tough to find someone who loves you and liberates you in the same time. Someone who would hug and listen to you when you’re fed up in the middle of his frustration of his business and work, is rare. Someone who would put you first, is one in a million. These things matter more than a jetset lifestyle for me.

Money doesn’t matter, but what you do with your money is important. Or more important, what you do without your money. Other than that, there are so many factors to build a truly happy relationship.

What about you? What would you think or feel if you are in a relationship when the girl makes more money than the guy?


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