Decisions, decisions..

Since I won’t be moving to Australia anymore, I accepted 2 more part time jobs which would take 5 more hours per day and give me almost half of my current income. So after wanting it for months, I’ve finally decided to take more advantage of living in the SE Asia by hiring a driver. I ended up paying about $220 per month for 9 driving-less hours per day, 6 days a week. I do feel a bit bad that it sounds like slavery :p but hey it IS one of the advantages of living here.

Sometimes I feel a bit ashamed that I am hiring a driver when I have this kind of car:



You know why I feel that way. People who have drivers here would have better cars and better income, too – instead of a cute Toyota college car and less than 40k per year income. It’s not even a sedan. Ha ha! But the point is, I hire him not because I need a better lifestyle, but because I need a driver. My actual work, before I took these 2 jobs, takes me only 4 hours per day at the most, but on most days I needed to drive around for almost that long, with this kind of traffic:


Although sometimes I doubt myself if I have made the right decision, It’s been 2 days since I hired him and surprisingly it helps me a lot. It makes me realise that I got more stress form the driving rather than my actual work. I have more energy and better mood so I managed to get more things done, less procrastinating.

Hopefully it’s for the better!


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