Dear Yung,

It’s been a while.
But I still see you when I close my eyes. That smile, those eyes. The way you laugh.
I still hear you when I close my ears. Your voice. The way you sing. Those laughters. The way you say certain sentences.
I still call your name. Can you hear?
I still dream about you. Secretly I wish to. Because there’s no other way to feel your presence anymore. Sometimes I wish I could just stay there. Because it’s calming to be surrounded by your illusion. Even though that means I have to live in fantasy I built in the past.

I compare every guy I know to you. It’s unfair because they treat me better than you did. It’s unfair that I think about you instead of them.
Sometimes I feel the ache on my chest again. Not as bad as before when you just left me. It’s much better now but I wonder why I still feel the pain. It’s unfair that I need you much more than you need me.

I still imagine holding your hand. Watching you sleep. Hearing you snore. Sitting in silence with you. Going in adventures together. Making out. Making fun of each other. Or other people.

I miss talking to you, I really do.
If there’s really a next life, I wish we can meet again. Without these bad memories, and let’s start fresh all over again. I won’t give up, Yung. More than you’d ever know, I keep this feeling deep inside my heart.

So long, Yung. Till the next life.



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