Things I Do When I Am Sad

One or more of these, not in particular order:

* Watch UFC
* Play piano
* Listen to music with sad lyrics and cry to sleep
* Watch korean drama with expectation to cry and fail
* Watch “Just For Laughs”
* Watch cats video on YouTube
* Look up sweet quotes
* Watch “Love And The Other Drugs” and cry to sleep
* Masturbate
* Watch proposal videos and cry hard
* Thinking about my bf and cry harder
* Bother either Adam or Nata via text/skype
* Talk to Jasmine
* Play with my cat Cleo
* Go out and spend money on stupid little stuffs =(
* Sleep all day and regret it at night when I can’t sleep
* Skipping work to do one or more of the things above and regret it in the end of the month



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