Happiness Is Like An Orgasm

When you have sex you’ll want to reach the climax. You will work to get it because sex without climax sucks. You know what’s funny? We won’t be able to reach our climax if we focus on the climax itself. We can’t keep thinking or pressing ourself to reach climax if we want to get it. Once I tried a quicky, a few minutes before I needed to leave to the airport to catch my flight, and I told myself, “Hurry up, go go come now, we have no time”. LOL Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious, that was an epic failure. The best way to get climax is by enjoying the process as a whole and not thinking about the climax itself. You need other goals to taste that earth’s heaven. You try to connect to your partner, enjoy the time you spend together, being intimate, try to please them and show them what you like and what you don’t.. Then slowly you get closer to it, you keep working on it harder and faster,… and BOOM! You’re all wet. *smirks*


It’s actually the same shit with happiness. Everyone wants to be happy in his life and do whatever it takes to get there. You know what’s funny? We won’t be able to reach happiness if we focus on the happiness itself. We can’t push nor force ourself to reach happiness if we want to be there. We need other goals in life to reach happiness and the happiness itself will come as a side effect of what we achieve. We connect and build decent relationships with people we care about, we enjoy bitter and sweet moments that come across our daily life, we work on our positive traits and cut out the bad ones, we sacrifice what we want to get what we need.. and when we keep doing that, we try harder, … and BOOM! Even without you realizing, you are surrounded with happiness.

We don’t live our life to pursue happiness. We have a life to live on and to do our best, and when we see ourself being successful to be in the right track, happiness draws near and stays with us.


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