Future and Accomplishment

Why do we have a life? What’s the purpose of life if eventually we’ll die anyway?  We know nothing about life itself. That’s why we keep making mistakes in order to learn about how to live the life. The thing is life is too short for all the mistakes we will need to do. When we get a little wiser, I think we’ll be in our dying time.

I also feel that life is too short to study some subjects I want to advance. I want to be good in music, pedagogy, business, psychology and composition. And for now it’s kind of hard to think about how to manage to study them all. Erm, do I sound greedy? I think I need to be greedy to satisfy my thirst of knowledge.

Life is too short to do things I want to do. I want to expand and develop my music school better in Indonesia, but I also want to live in a more developed country. On the other hand I want to save enough money to feel secure. I want to build a wonderful relationship with a good man. I might want to have a family and kid someday.

I know I’m doing more than well at the moment, but in the same time I also feel like I’m running out of time because of my desires. My mum said I need to be more grateful for life. Michael Buble said “don’t go higher on desire”. So is it like I’m being suicidal or self-destructive by keeping desires? I know I’m being thankful for what I have, but in a way, I naturally always want to pursue more accomplishment.

What is it like in the future? Do I get what I want and accomplish enough?


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