Changes – Are They Good?

It’s been said that changes are good. I deleted two blogs I used to let grow by posting religiously almost every week for years, before I stopped in some point. I realized I don’t like to read what I wrote before. I’ve changed much, I guess. I experienced new things, I see more about how people living life and it makes me prioritized different certain things and become more ignorant to some subjects I used to care about much.

There’s nothing in this universe that never changes. The only constant thing is the change itself. People are people, sometimes they change their minds. Give time time, and it will change your feeling, what you want, and how you think.

Well, some changes are good. But it also concerns me, especially when it comes to the term relationship. If the change always happens, and then let’s say we decided to be together with someone we really like at this moment. Maybe we fall in love with their perspective, with their attitudes towards life, with how they make us feel so special… But then, they would change eventually. Things we used to admire would change and we would end up praising memories.

Moreover, I find myself as a trooper, relationship wise. When i love someone, I’d be willing to give up everything with no hesitation, and I’d be the one who would try hard to compromise with the changes. I’ve been in this kind of case twice and that wasn’t easy at all.

It makes me wonder how people get married when to maintain a relationship needs effort, even just to find the one you want to start with. And when you find one, they would change anyway and it would blow things you’ve built together.


So, future Rose,

Are changes still good?


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