The Lost Dog


How could a dog being not loyal? I never skip a day waiting for my master to come back to me every night, regardless he would give me another treat or not. Everyday, we used to learn new tricks, we played or just ran, and sometimes he yelled at me because I was naughty, but in the end he pat my head and scratched my tummy.

But now here I am, it was past midnight, alone I tried to find anything in the closest trash bin could find. It wasn’t smell so good there. But I was very hungry. Nothing I could find there so I forced my limping feet to get me to another bin. My back left foot felt heavy. It’s been dragging pieces of my broken heart since I left a place I called home.

Home. How could a dog like me be able to love that place more. Its warmth, its comfort, and it was the only place I would love to come home to, a place where I could always find my needs.
Nothing is eternal. My home, it’s never been the same since one day I saw my master left the front door as usual. I waited, but he never came back. It s not a home anymore since then.

I really want to go home. But how do I come home when I have no home?


One thought on “The Lost Dog

  1. November 30, 2013 11:32 pm

    Dear Past Rose,
    I am sorry you feel that way. I still miss him sometimes, since no one could make me feel the same so far. I still remember how happy you were when you were with him, even after we scolded him to hell. But now I accept them as sweet memories and I slowly forget bad things he caused us, which is good. Everything is better now. I’m neither longer crying myself to sleep nor shouting while I’m driving because of that. I still miss the memory or the feeling, but the good thing is, there’s no more anger left.
    I’m proud of you that even with that kind of depression, you still made it this far. you cried all night and day, you beg the universe for him to come back, you felt the pain on your chest constantly, you lost yourself and it was painful to see that. I know you couldn’t see when that would end, but you kept holding on. I know you couldn’t see the strength back then, but look how we are right now. Well done, Rose.
    Even though we won’t ever come back to that home,I’m sure we can find a better place, alone or with someone else. We always know that we will be fine being alone, don’t we? So don’t be afraid. It gets better. It always does. I’m not angry with you at all. Even the opposite, as I mentioned before, I’m proud of you. I forgive you, Rose. Sometimes it just had to be that way and we need to leave things unexplained. It doesn’t matter. It’s the heart what’s really matter in the end

    Hugs and kiss,
Future Rose
(approx. 1 year later)

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